Study of the Sensitivity of Top Quark Spin Correlations to Supersymmetric Top Quark Partners

The study discussed in this thesis considers the hypothetical production of top squarks at hadron colliders, with the assumption that top squarks will always decay into top quarks and neutralinos of a small mass of approximately 0GeV0\,\mathrm{GeV}. Targeting the dileptonic final states, the Δϕ\Delta{\phi} distribution between the two charged lepton final products in the laboratory frame are used to set limits on the production of top squarks of various masses. Limits are first derived from the results of the CMS measurement using 35.9fb35.9\,\mathrm{ fb } of data recorded at the LHC in 2016, with a center of mass energy of 13TeV13\,\mathrm{TeV}. Then, an extrapolation is made by scaling the 2016 data to a higher luminosity of 300fb1300\,\mathrm{fb^{-1}} and reducing the systematic uncertainties. It is shown that no exclusion on the top squark range can be made for the combination of a top squark mass range of 160GeV 160\,\mathrm{GeV} to 300GeV300\,\mathrm{GeV} with a fixed small neutralino mass almost equal to zero.